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By: Lisa Silverman

Jenny was being served her apple martini by the bartender just as the front window was shattered by a speeding Humvee, and Jenny was thrown from her stool.


The bartender was serving Jenny her apple martini just as a speeding Humvee shattered the front window and…

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  •  Jessica Ghawi, 24
  •  Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6
  •  John Larimer, 27
  •  Jesse Childress, 29
  •  Alexander Boik, 18
  •  Jonathan Blunk, 26
  •  Rebecca Wingo, 32
  •  Alex Sullivan, 27
  •  Gordon Cowden, 51
  •  Micayla Medek, 23
  •  Alexander Teves, 24
  •  Matthew McQuinn, 27
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Xiang Ming Zeng

These are gorgeous! 

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by Suzanne Harrison  

The more I read how the successful authors do it, the more I realize that, like successful people in all walks of life, they all do things in common that contribute enormously to their success. So how can we learn from successful authors to ensure our own success in 2008 and beyond?

We can start by adopting what I call “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Authors”. Adopt these 7 habits and you just may find that 2008 is the year you break through your own writing barriers!

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Photo 19 Jul Maggie Q by ~lilkolo91
my first attempt at drawing MaggieQ

Maggie Q by ~lilkolo91

my first attempt at drawing MaggieQ

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